The core of Your Best Life Yet is about discovering your purpose. Marcia Ullett introduces the reader to the Best-Life Process, five steps that help move you toward not only discovering but also fulfilling your purpose. “If you’re anything like me,” Ullett writes, “you might be thinking, Okay, fine. I’d like that. But it all sounds pretty lofty. In truth, getting to the point where you live purposefully is full of little, practical, and down-to-earth steps. Discovery will come easily for you if you want it and if you are willing to believe that everything in your life has led you to this very place.”

    Here is a snapshot of the process:

          1) Know your values.

          2) Discover your higher purpose.

          3) Create your vision.

          4) Determine your goals.

          5) Leap into your action plan.


               Human beings have a deep need to be productive, to feel fulfilled and have lives which are meaningful to them. And yet, so many people are dissatisfied with their lives and their work. If you are one of those who wants to be excited and passionate about your life, Your Best Life Yet is a book that can help you find what you’re looking for.

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