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Your Best Life Yet is like having a personal coach sitting on your shoulder. Marcia Ullett draws you in, connects with you, and, with great wisdom, encourages you to become your best self. She provides a remarkable yet simple method for finding your path. I guarantee you'll be charmed, engaged, and inspired by Marcia to make real change in your life.

Hyla Cass, MD
Author of 8 Weeks to Vibrant Health

Your Best Life Yet: A Journey of Purpose and Passion is a powerful and inspirational tool for moving through the next chapter of your life. In a sense this book is a map for you to follow – a map that will lead you directly to your heart and intuition.
Let life coach and therapist Marcia Ullett take you through the Best Life Process, a fun and fulfilling means to revealing your purpose. Marcia shows you how to move forward every day, bit by bit, and get in touch with a part of you that has been inside you all along, waiting for you to notice. She guides you toward your most authentic self. What could be better than that?
As you go through the Best Life Process, you reap rewards beyond your imagination. As you put forward your desires and intentions, you begin to draw to you support in many forms. New choices open up to you, not only from within but magically, from the universe, as well. You meet like-minded people. You find ways to do whatever it is you are working toward. Solutions to problems present themselves. In short, your life opens up to you.
Transformation is full of surprises, big and small. If you are willing to follow your heart, you will be called reach out, to give and to receive, and to turn into your truest self. There is no end to the possibilities and the power of the universe once you have set upon your path. It is beyond imagination. Enjoy your Gifts. Share them with the world and be sure to find gratitude every day of your life.